The chronicles of the Schreiberhuber Farm & Forest Estate encompass the closely intertwined histories of three farms, family-owned for more than 700 years: Plassgut at Ansfelden, Auhof Residence at Kremsmünster and Summerauerhof at St. Florian.


First record of Auhof Residence at Kremsmünster as Curia in Au, listed among the Kremsmünster Monastery possessions.


Ulrich von Summerau, the first farmer ancestor of the Schreiberhuber family, features in the St. Florian Monastery chronicle of 1413 as Ulricus de Summerau, administering Summerauerhof farm.

The most prominent of the Barons of Summerau were the provincial judge (iudex Austriae superioris) Konrad von Summerau, who is presumed to have been the first Upper Austrian Provincial Governor, resident at Ennsburg castle in Enns and Anton Thaddäus von Summerau (from 1753 the first Further Austrian District President) and his nephew
 Joseph Thaddäus von Summerau, who was the last Further Austrian District President as of 1791.


First record of Plassgut Estate at Ansfelden in the tithe register of Ebelsberg.


Emperor Franz I of Austria guides his ally Czar Alexander I from Russia in the course of a joint Austria trip to Ansfelden to show him the prosperous agricultural enterprises of his subjects, reports the German travel writer and municipal librarian of Bremen, Johann Georg Kohl, in his 1842 work “Reiseberichte über Österreich, das bayrische Hochland, Dänemark und Großbritannien”.


After twelve years, the newly built Plassgut Estate is completed as it appears today, epitomising an architectural blend of classicist Baroque / Josephinism.


Completion of Auhof Residence, now a listed building, at Kremsmünster in the style of late historicism / Art Nouveau.

The Ritzlhof Manor, located in Ansfelden, which belonged to Michael Schreiberhuber in 1817, served as the model for the building. In 1875, the Ritzlhof Manor was taken over by the Austro-Hungarian dual monarchy and transformed into a state agricultural facility and fruit orchard.


Compulsory expropriation of 23 ha of arable land by Deutsches Reich, now the site of a stretch of the A1 motorway and motorway services.


In the post-war years, with Austria occupied by the victorious powers, Plassgut Estate served as the headquarters of the US occupying forces for the region of greater Ansfelden.


No more livestock farming; Plassgut Estate has since focused on agriculture and forestry.


Switch-over to minimum tillage, in parallel with the completion of a scientific paper for the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. Since then there has been close cooperation with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna (comparative studies of ploughing and ploughless tillage techniques, economic analyses of energy input, man-hours and CO2 issues).

Summerauerhof House is taken over by the province of Upper Austria: establishment of a historical farm and open-air museum.


Albert Schreiberhuber hands over the estate to his son, Dr. Alfred Schreiberhuber, DI.


GPS technology first employed in agriculture.

Meanwhile, all tractors and agricultural machines have been fitted with this autonomous state-of-the-art technology.


Consistent and comprehensive application of ploughless tillage and primary soil cultivation by grubber.


Cooperation with Pöttinger Agricultural Technology: establishment of a demonstration and model farm.

Successful synthesis of the production and practical testing of agricultural machinery.


Cooperation with the Canadian company Soucy Track: establishment of a reference farm.

First application of tractors with rubber tracks.


Close cooperation with the R&D department of Case IH Steyr.


The conversion of the entire facility after several test years to the AKRA system, in which phytophysiologically important nutrients are mobilized with nitrate-free soil additives and plant growth and plant health are promoted in a resource-saving manner through the enrichment of soil bacteria.


Auhof Residence at Kremsmünster



Coat of arms of the Barons of Summerau



Anton Thaddäus Baron of Summerau

Joseph Thaddaeus von Sumerau (Guts- und Forstverwaltung DI Dr. Alfred Schreiberhuber)

Joseph Thaddäus Baron of Summerau

Ritzlhof Estate – now an agricultural and horticultural college



Summerauerhof farm

Ökonomierat Albert Schreiberhuber




DI.Dr. Alfred Schreiberhuber